The Two Great Denominators

Underlying everything we do is underlined by two great denominators, time and agency.

Time is interesting. Thanks to the Babylonians and other great mathematicians we time-box our time into 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. While I say we’ve time-boxed time, in reality it cares very little about the boxes we’ve assigned to it. It runs its own course.

Agency is our second great denominator. It’s the recognition that choice is required for action. Generally I explain this using a military example. No drill sergeant ever made a private do push ups. The drill sergeant may have instructed, ordered, yelled, and profaned, but at no point did he animate the muscles of the person doing pushups. That person’s muscles were animated by themselves.

With agency and time as our two great denominators, the question then becomes, what do we do with them? What direction will you take your time and what will you do with your agency?