Warren's Missing Items

Senator Elizabeth Warren is running for President and a campaign survey appeared in my twitter feed. So, I took a look. It’s an honest attempt to get input on what people in the country care about as their priorities. Here’s the list of options:

Campaign Finance Reform

Corporate Accountability

Disability Rights

Ending Washington Corruption

Climate Change and the Environment

Green New Deal

Gun Violence Prevention

Health Care




Jobs, Wages, and the Economy

K-12 Education and Teacher Pay

LGBTQ+ Equality


Medicare and Medicaid

National Security

Nuclear Non-proliferation

Opioid Crisis

Pay Equity

Prescription Drug Costs

Puerto Rico Recovery

Racial Justice

Reproductive Rights

Social Security

Student Loans and College Affordability

Taxing the Wealthy

Universal Child Care

Veterans and Military Families

Voting Rights

Wall Street Reform

No national debt? Huh.

This is going to be an interesting future.

I predict that an element will emerge in the mid-terms to address spending, but doubt it will emerge as an issue during this year.

Will that element come from the right and look similar to the fiscal plans of the tea-party movement? Or will it look like the occupy protests? The fact that both parts of the spectrum have a history of advocating for fiscal policies is an indicator that the subject should be a part of the Presidential race, but I think most candidates will avoid the subject this go-around.

When it does come up again we might end up with an interesting coalition. Let’s watch, but not too closely. The government shouldn’t have enough power that we have to keep an eye on it too much. It’s supposed to be small so we can live our lives as we see fit.

What else do you think is missing from this list?