It Started With An Apology

It Started With An Apology

Mike Post may not be a household name or someone you could recognize on the street, but there’s a good chance you know his work. He’s composed the theme song for TV’s hit shows Law & OrderLaw & Order: SVUThe A-TeamNYPD BlueRenegade,The Rockford FilesL.A. LawQuantum LeapMagnum, P.I., and Hill Street Blues.

You know that classic sound from Law & Order with the gavel? That was Mike Post.

In the interview below Mike tells the story of how he ended up working with Stephen J. Cannell the man behind The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, and other 1980’s hits. I find it interesting though that the relationship between Stephen and Mike started with an apology… Of course there was also a need to apologize involved as well.

Humility matters.

In the moment we don’t always see how humility can impact the course of our lives. It’s still worth trying.