Organizing Behind the Scenes

Trello helps me with podcasting and organizing my show notes. Here’s how I do it. Parking Thought the podcast produces 5x episodes a week. Keeping track of show topic ideas and the show topics that we’ve previously covered is a real challenge. Trello is the app we use to keep things organized.

I don’t get paid to share but figured it would be helpful to share.


hello and in this quick video I’m going
to show you how I am able to do my
podcast using Trello Trello is a free
application well free up to a certain
point I’m still using the free version
and for my podcast I’m able to do five
episodes a week and keep them all
organized in a way that makes sense
alright so let’s just go ahead and dive
in I’m using the desktop app for Trello
you can also just connect with them on
the website what I’ve done here is I’ve
got each of these different card
categories right so each of these things
here are I have a show topic area and in
production area and then finished I’ve
got some notes about marketing and
production and that’s essentially what
these are these are notes for topics now
my show has generally done as a
continuous stream of thought type of
show and so because of that I don’t have
full Google Doc show notes right but if
I did this would be a good place either
as an individual or as a group to be
able to capture those ideas very quickly
and so you can see here I’ve got several
ideas in my back catalogue when I’m
ready to bring something in when I’m
going to record it I will drag that over
drop it in there I hit my intro boom
there we go welcome to parking thought
that little duh right I can close this
really quickly I can record on the topic
and continue talking on the topic that
I’ve got I remember to make sure that I
credit the wonderful person who created
the music I use for the background of
the show and then here’s another idea
that I have so I might drag three or
four of these into production at the
same time and just do a full you know my
episodes are about ten minutes each so I
can do you know a full hour of recording
and just wrap up or record all these
episodes once they’re done and I’ve
published that episode I drop it over to
finished because sometimes at five
episodes a week it’s hard to tell
whether or not you’ve already covered a
topic so I can come in here in a Trello
I can hit the F button and that brings
up our search capability right so if I
wanted to see when the last time I
covered the topic of bacon in there I’d
be able to do that pretty quickly
there’s other features that you get on
these boards that are really pretty
so you have the ability to do so I just
used the title for most of my
information because then it shows up on
the short card you can add more
descriptions you can have comments about
this you can give it different labels
right so at one point I was thinking of
doing amazing people so I built a label
for amazing people right and there’s all
kinds of other ways of organizing this
so that way you can continue to go one
of the other great things about Trello
is that they have a mobile app ready to
go again this is free I’m able to come
in I can go through my in production and
other show topics and what I’ve done
before I can click add a card I can type
in whatever idea I happen to have while
I’m out traveling while I’m out doing
things right and then I’m able to go
ahead and click Add and that
automatically syncs on the backend with
all of the really cool ways to connect
that Trello already has Trello works for
me and I just wanted to share how I’m
using it and if this is help great
please leave a thumbs up if this has
helped you out and if you want to
subscribe to the podcast head on over to
parking comm hit the subscribe button
and you’ll find all kinds of ways to
subscribe to the program thank you very