Why is the Fire in Frozen 2 a... Salamander?

Why is the Fire in Frozen 2 a... Salamander?



so I know if you googled this video I
had the same question too and I didn’t
understand it salamanders when I’ve
engaged with them in real life or rather
slimy and slippery and they are the
opposite of being related to fire but
somehow that happened right well now in
a movie that got a lot of things right
okay maybe something about a movie that
got a lot of things right how could they
get this one so wrong salamanders aren’t
fired they’re slimy and the reality is
is they were not wrong
salamanders being associated with fire
has actually been going on for thousands
of years now we often when we look back
at history we’ll see things that you
know we’ll think people in history whose
names we happen to memorize like got
everything in their life right and it
was all of a sudden perfect not the case
at all fact people have been complex and
and very interesting to work with for a
lot of years Benjamin Franklin you know
had his own problems and false you can
go back and read about those and same
with you know John Lennon and Leonardo
DaVinci and it’s a little odd to put all
three of those together but let me
explain Leonardo DaVinci was definitely
the guy we hold up as the ideal for
Renaissance man but that doesn’t mean
you got everything right but Leonardo da
Vinci believed that the salamander was
associated with fire well why did he
believe that well because if you go back
through history all of the references
and resources and other things he had
available also associated a salamander
with fire you see as human beings we
can’t know everything so at some point
we have to draw a conclusion make an
assumption right we have to rely on
knowledge that may not be perfect in
order for us to live our lives and
function properly and people have been
doing that and at some point the
salamander got associated with fire now
there’s a couple different versions of
how this might have happened right it
might have been you’re putting logs into
a fire you see the salamander escape and
you think all the salamander and fire
somehow associated and that perpetuated
so throughout the Middle Ages right we
ended up having this idea that the
salamander was
with fire now I didn’t know that there’s
a lot I don’t know but again I have to
rely on other knowledge that other
people create that they know and that
they’re passionate about so imagine the
writers and the artists doing frozen and
they need an element for fire and they
go back and they find out that the
element for fire the animals prepare the
creature for fire historically has been
the salamander now it made a cute little
guy the way they drove him here for this
you know movie is really pretty amazing
not only is having the salamander
they’re showing us an interesting fact
that we may not have known but it’s also
a little interesting that even during
the movie we don’t get his name we get
the name of the wind but not the name of
the salamander and they named him Bruni
I still don’t know what the answer is
there you do feel free to leave a
comment below because there’s more in
life that I haven’t learned yet they
never would have known that da Vinci
right thought that the salamander was
associated with fire I never would have
known that there was that association at
all unless frozen had bothered to take
the time to look at it and come up with
something and when you see that cute
little salamander on frozen you’re
actually seeing the way people in Europe
saw it for thousands of years and paying
homage to the way we used to think as we
change the way we think is a pretty cool
thing to add to that movie alright thank
you guys for watching if you want to
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