Thoughts on a Magic Keyboard

Thoughts on a Magic Keyboard

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to use the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

This beast retails for $299 for the 11” and $349 for the 12.9” version. I’ve had the 12.9” version for over a week now and really enjoyed using it as stand for the iPad. It can be a bit top heavy, but it’s generally not an issue.

Having a full size keyboard attached to the iPad is awesome. All of my content for YouTube and the Podcast this week was produced entirely using the iPad. Having the ability to write up video descriptions and quickly copy and paste using shortcut keys (CMD+C, CMD+V).

Missing Keys

While I get to use some of my better known shortcuts and keys. Others are flat out missing. The first one missing is the escape key. The second is the Delete key

The Mac keyboard Delete key actually functions like a backspace key. To use a delete key like a delete key I’ve adopted using the Fn Delete shortcut on my other Mac keyboards. Without a function key or an escape key on this thing I’ve had to adjust how I type and get things done.

For some reason this keyboard has a global key for international/emoji keyboards. I was able to into the settings and adjust this to work as the escape key.

Fixing the delete key was a quick google search away. Turns out you can use Control+D to delete the way I expected.

A Beast Without A Battery

Beast is the right term. It’s got some heft to it but it’s not due to having a battery in the keyboard. The keyboard has a good deal of weight because of physics. In order to allow the machine to balance it needs to have a heavier base. It stills feel comfortable when typing. When it’s time to draw pulling the iPad off the keyboard is seamless.

Worth the Price?

Different people compute differently and have different expectations. I know some people who’d argue that spending the money on different devices would have been a better use of the funds. To be fair, it all depends on the compute experience you want to have.

I wanted to make the iPad as functional as possible and enable it for the widest possible use cases. It’s working for me. Do you think it would work for you? Leave a comment below to let me know.