Parking Thought = Gratitude

Parking Thought = Gratitude

The Parking Thought brand is about gratitude and curiosity. There’s a lot of good in the world and it’s worth highlighting.

I’ve produced over 125 episodes/posts for my show. Gratitude is a key component of my life and the content I create. The audience that is listening understands that’s what the show is about. The issue is that those who are discovering it for the first time might not realize the show’s main topic. Starting soon I’m going to be adjusting my naming scheme and keywords to help people out.

Ready for some changes? I am. It’s time to grow a community around a feeling.

It’s time to rework the intro. Keep the number of words small. Get to the topic and get the content out for people to consume. What are you grateful for?

There’s a desperate need in the world for us to remember to be grateful for what we have. Will you help spread the word?