Affinity 1.10

Affinity 1.10

The Affinity software suite from Serif includes 3 applications that rival the features of similar apps from Adobe’s Creative Cloud for a fraction of the price. These apps include

Each of these apps retails for $54.99 (USD) which might sound like a lot. They do go on sale throughout the year, so patience can sometimes result in picking them up for 50% off the list price.

In contrast the Adobe apps are upwards of $50/month. Subscription models don’t work for everyone—including me. So I’m a fan of the pay once and enjoy your apps. There are also iPad versions of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer that contain most features of the desktop app and provide a really clean experience on the iPad.

Affinity 1.10 doesn’t come with any new end-user features. Image tracing is one feature I hope makes it into a future version soon. What 1.10 did do is focus on performance enhancements. The benchmarks they ran the software through show things rendering at up to 10 times after than Affinity 1.9. For the files I use on the M1 processor I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet but I’m always grateful when good teams work to make things better. This video does a great job showing off the performance improvements in an earlier beta.

The world is a wonderful place. Software updates may not be as neat as the things we see in nature, but they’re a noticeable part of our humanity moving forward.