Croods 2 Review

Croods 2 Review


I’ve watched a lot of Hallmark-style movies this holiday season and I must say that Croods 2 is one of the most predictable movies I’ve seen in the last 9 months. That predictability doesn’t detract from the moments where it’s absolutely brilliant and shines. The artwork is amazing. Scenes are well thought out and shot with good intent and visually stunning—but the magic isn’t in the photography it’s in the sketch writing.

Once I started watching the movie it’s like I could essentially see every scene play out in my head. The magic happened when those scenes actually arrived on screen and I was impressed at how the writing staff, director, actors, and team must have collaborated to make a predictable plot point delight their audience. And it doesn’t just happen once. Exposition scenes make allusions to other aspects of the audience’s life and experiences. It didn’t reach the measure of Frozen 2’s homage to VH1 style music videos, but it was still good enough that I texted a coworker with 7 kids mid-movie to say that she needed to watch this!

I have no inside knowledge on how the team collaborated to create such a delightful experience for their audience, but I would love to recreate that collaborative magic with my teams at work.

2020 is the perfect year for Croods 2 to come out. The message and delivery are spot on for our times.

Thank you to the team!