Drying My Shoes

Drying My Shoes

I just did something really weird and the internet seems like a good place for something this weird. In case you wanted more details on this disclaimer this is totally a safe for work post.

The weather has been really nice the past few days. It’s easy to breathe in the clean fall air and we’re enjoying temperatures that mean we don’t have to run the heat or AC at all. Yesterday my olfactory senses informed me that my shoes were in need of a good cleaning. I’ve been rocking the same style of shoes for quite a few years now. In fact when I discovered how comfortable the New Balance MT10s were I made a YouTube video about it that still gets quite a few views to this day.

They are fully machine washable, but drying them in the dryer is not advised. By the time I got around to washing them yesterday it was pretty late in the evening and I needed to find a way to dry them while I slept. Usually we dry our shoes over one of the HVAC vents on the first floor. The problem was that the temperature in the house was already where it should be. If I turned on the AC it would be too cold. If I turned on the heat it would be too warm. We don’t own any fans and putting it next to the vacuum exhaust overnight seemed to be loud and really inefficient.

Thankfully I have a Plex server in my house running on an old MacPro. This thing generates heat while it provides a service. As it encodes and decodes information the processors inside are called on to do some pretty heavy lifting and they generate heat as a byproduct.

So, I set up one of my computers to pick random movies and tucked my shoes near the exhaust vents. When I work up this morning ta-da dry shoes!

I’m not sure if everyone has a Plex server at home, but they really are handy. Not only do they help you manage your own video library, but they can also have a great utilitarian byproduct of serving as a heat source for drying out wet shoes.