Early Thoughts on iPad OS

Early Thoughts on iPad OS

Most people who’ve seen me in person have seen me using my iPad. It travels with me everywhere and has become my default note taking and writing app for both of those workflows.

The machine is extremely capable, but for the amount of time that I’ve had it the device has been slowed down by an operating system that limits its ability to perform certain tasks. In particular it’s multi-window view under iPad OS 14 and previous versions has been confusing and hard to use. That’s been addressed in iPad OS 15 and the beta for it just came out this past week. I’ve had a few days to drive it and the new implementation is certainly much easier to use.

Here’s a quick video showing off some of the new features:

This was still my favorite device before the updates. With the updates it just continues to get better.

There’s an argument to be made that Apple’s hardware comes at a premium price. I disagree. When you factor in the services and the software they continue to improve during the lifespan of that device I think the dollars show that the value you receive is less than the actual cost.