Humanity Week!

Humanity Week!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are on this vast and beautiful planet by yourself. While that sounds really cool at first it doesn’t take long for the thought exercise to reveal how hard it would be to be here alone. Who would make the timber and concrete for our homes? Where will you go to get food? Who would you talk to when you’re lonely?

For a very small percentage of the people who will read this, that reality sounds like a good idea. There ares some wonderful do-it-yourselfers in our community. For most of us it doesn’t. Our common humanity helps us to survive and thrive as individuals and a species.

Throughout history we have seen the push and pull of the individual and the group. For the generation that founded the United States, they expressed this in the phrase E pluribus unum which translates to Out of many, one. While the founders intended it to signify the collection of 13 colonies as a single union the phrase can also be applied to how individuals make groups and how all groups are made of individuals. You’ll recall in our episode on ADKAR how change only occurs at the individual level.

Humanity is the collection that is all of us—not as one entity devoid of our individual character. It’s the collection of all of us made strong by our individual characters, commonalities and intersection points.

This week at Parking Thought we’re going to discuss those characters, commonalities and intersection points. We’ll share different insights about our common humanity and celebrate the reality that we’re not here alone. Like a lone explorer to this planet, we explore who we are through the world around us. That exploration is enhanced by sharing the insights and challenges with others on similar journeys. We’ll take a look at moments and efforts where thinkers great and small have made strides to help us see each other as part of the same human family.

If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment or record a voice message. We’d love to hear from you.