Mentors in a Forge

Mentors in a Forge

It’s mentor week here at Parking Thought where we celebrate the great mentors who have helped shaped our lives. Mentorship is the process of improving yourself and others that helps create a legacy. Mentorship is also not confined to any specific formula.

Today I was editing some old photos from a trip we took to the Kropa Iron Forging Museum in Slovenia. This was one of the places that was off the beaten path, but well worth the experience.

At some point in the museum I came across a quote in English that is so unknown it doesn’t even appear on a google search. But the words still matter.

Anton penned this quote during his lifetime (ending in the late 1700’s but it’s easy at first glance to see how they could have been quoted during the time period when other nations and oppressive governments leveraged their heavy-handed perspective and limitations on the thoughts of others.

We shall allow these friends of stupidity, These enemies of the Enlightenment to sink into their own awareness of their unworthiness.

We have embarked on a famous path, which bears much responsibility

Come on, let us burry towards the goal with earnest longing: let us tirelessly search for the truth on its most hidden paths

Anton Tomaz Linhart

Thankfully someone took the time to preserve this and post it on the wall in an iron forging museum in a small village, far off the beaten path.