Movie Review: A Bride for Christmas

Movie Review: A Bride for Christmas


It should come as no surprise that I have watched a lot of Hallmark-esquire holiday movies this year. They’ve been one of those things that has helped pass the time in a pandemic. Usually my wife and I each sit in our chairs and enjoy a hobby while the show plays in the background. We can generally do this because the plots are so predictable that you only need to watch about 7 minutes to be able to understand the whole show—sometimes even less.

A Bride for Christmas is worth watching the whole time—and for this genre of movies that’s saying a lot.

Released in 2012 the movie follows a typical formula of boy meets girl and they fall in love. We open seeing Arielle Kebbel running away from a wedding and I have to admit that I rolled my eyes. I looked at my wife and openly asked didn’t we see this movie with Julia Roberts?

While the movie starts off as Runaway Bride it moves forward with a lot of well crafted moments along the way.

These are not a-list actors, but they are excellent at helping you connect with their characters and rooting for their success. I happily recommend this one to anyone wanting a predictably enjoyable holiday movie.