Movie Review: The Christmas House

Movie Review: The Christmas House


Robert Buckley and Ana Ayora surround themselves with a cast that moves another holiday movie plot forward. To be honest though I watched this one when I was really sleepy and I have no memory of how it got to the happy ending on one of the plot points—I do remember that it conjured up great feelings of falling in love with the someone special in my life which is a memory/feeling we can all choose to visit more often.

Maybe there’s something beautiful in that statement.

Does it really matter that I remember how some mechanical plot aspect was solved? What’s the point of all of these movies if not to connect us to the feelings that connect us to others?

If we rate these movies on memorable mechanics and great performances they fall short compared to other productions—but what if that’s not the point?

Rocky won best picture in 1977 and spawned a franchise, but that franchise pales in comparison to Star Wars which also launched the same year. Similarly, Napoleon Dynamite is still a highly quotable and popular movie—even being shown (pre pandemic) in niche theaters. It was released the same year as Brokeback Mountain which is significantly less popular. The amount of people I know who can recognize a quote from Napoleon Dynamite is significantly higher than those who saw the Oscar winning best picture with well known actors that same year.

Kinda makes you think, huh?

Just because something is artistically well done doesn’t mean it connects us to our humanity any better. Maybe it’s time we start rewarding those things that connect us to our humanity and recognize how special those connections really are.

The Christmas House has some really cheesy parts to it, but in the end it will connect you to the memories you share with those you love. I’m a better person for the time spent with it, and my family is better off because of it.

Thank you to the cast and crew for their time in creating it. The production quality is on-par with my expectations and not a distraction at all. The memories I connected with exceeded my expectations in a way that helped make the colder nights of winter a lot warmer. ThankYou