Slow Moments

Slow Moments

Today is one of those days when I need to slow things down. We’re building several new teams at work. The job is highly collaborative. The people are great. The work is meaningful and challenging. I’ve been learning, building, and referencing years of experience and notes to be able to help. At the same time, the fall set of activities has our family spending a lot of time on bleachers at football games, cheer events and swim meets.

I took some time off this afternoon, and the day is still projected to be a busy one with trumpet lessons, swim practice, and cheerleading. But while all of that is busy and normal, there’s something about today that’s different and unusual. Today, my wife is celebrating her birthday by jumping out of an airplane with two of her best friends. Somehow, they can coax her Into doing things that she’d repeatedly told me no before.

They’re good people and we love them.

I brought the iPad with me—the MacBook is back at home. I wiped it during lunch, and it’s syncing all the photos, emails, and files from the cloud while I’m out here.

Chrissy is inside getting her instruction for the jump. We’ve just finished 5 days of rain—an unusual occurrence in our valley—and the combination of blue skies and fluffy clouds is enjoyable. Two hawks are circling on the fall breeze above the runway, searching for prey in the field to the east.

I just got off the phone with my oldest daughter, who’s at college. She was walking to the bus headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. She shared how she’s recognizing how much healthier she is now than she felt a few months ago.

Antje Duvekot’s lovely dancing voice and precision guitar are providing the soundtrack for this moment… and I doubt there’s anything more perfect for the occasion. It’s not often that a peaceful afternoon appears out of nowhere.

Do we always notice these moments of heaven when we slow down? If so, maybe I should slow down more often.