Ulysses 23

Ulysses 23

Writing, Simplified & Updated

My kids think I’m old enough to be around when people invented the ability to write. I remember being a teenager and feeling like 40s just seemed forever away. Somehow it caught up to me.

I’m not that old.

But, as I stated in a recent episode of the podcast, I am old enough to remember what things were like before the internet existed. I’ve also been around to see most versions of popular word processing apps come and go. Yes, I remember typing on early versions of Word Perfect and I remember what a big deal it was to have Microsoft Word work so fluidly with the operating system. If you were going to print what you were typing Microsoft Word was the king of apps to do it with.

Of course, who prints anymore?

No dig on what Word offers today, but it’s not designed to actually write books (though I’ve done it) or blog posts. Sure, you can do it, but Word has a way of chugging when it gets beyond 40+ pages or so. Really, it’s a great app for writing and printing business memos. It’s not that it’s a bad app for what it was designed to do but is it really designed to meet your needs today?

Collaborative editing went mainstream in 2006 when Google bought Writely. It’s 2021 and the collaborative editing features of Word are just now getting to the point where they’re feeling native.

For blogging and book production many authors turn to tools designed to facilitate those workflows. I’m one of them. The app I landed on is Ulysses and this morning I got to wake up to a set of updates that were clearly communicated in a blog post. Oh, and the features the team deployed to their customers are ones I plan on using. Wow! What an idea?

The Good Stuff

Paper Planes

One of the reasons I recently switched things to WordPress was so that way I could publish directly from the writing application. Now, that feature just got better. It includes a paper airplane near any of the published blog posts to help me keep track of what’s out there vs. what I’ve got in queue.

The Publishing Widget

This little feature will let me know what the status of the posts are on the site! How amazing is that? I get a quick view with the paper plane for if it’s been uploaded. Now I can also see the status of the posts as well. There are good reasons to send things to the cloud as drafts or scheduled posts instead of justing posting the instant things hit the site. This will help a bunch.


There are other features to be sure, but these are the two I’m excited about today and I thought it was worth sharing. It’s small steps in the evolution of how we communicate, and while I’m not old enough to see when that began, I am grateful enough to see it progress in my lifetime.

All images courtesy of Ulysses.com. Used without permission