A Word For Notes

A Word For Notes

Did you know you can you Microsoft Word to take notes on the iPad? Word on the iPad isn’t as mature as its desktop counterpart, but equipped with an Apple Pencil the #1 word processing app in the world can actually function as a reliable place to take notes.

One of the things I do to create my podcast is experiment with different techniques for producing the show on YouTube. These experiments have taught me a lot and improved both my work and professional skill set.

These days the podcast starts as hand written notes. Then gets typed up into a script I read on camera. It’s a pretty simple concept, but can get pretty complex with the multiple threads of text in each episode. The drawing feature allows me to capture those as raw thoughts and give me time to transcribe them to text. Keeping it all in the same dog is pretty handy.

There are certainly other note taking apps out there, but in a pinch Word does a pretty good job.